Multi- disciplinary approach to chronic pain management

Core disciplines to high quality pain care

1. Knowing about your pain condition, behavioural modification and social support help to cope with pain.

2. Judicious pain medication use –  benefits of functional improvement should outweigh risks of misuse and side effects of medications.

3.  Regular 3-4 times / wk exercise , organic low fat diet, physical therapy, weight loss, stopping smoking

4. Pain interventions with low risk and better long term pain control are viable options

5. Final stage of pain care is decision to undergo surgery after informed consent and looking into details of risks, benefits, alternative to back or neck surgery

6.  Few question one needs to ask , what are the costs and benefits of any treatment option and what are the outcomes of any treatment option ? What are your options after an extensive surgery or multiple surgeries

7. Patients should be encouraged to involve in this critical decision making.