Pain clinic Services

All pain services are evaluated as per patient basis with pain medicines, injections and alternative therapy

Pain relief healthy lifestyle and counselling

Our lifestyle pain management program includes structured weight loss program,Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Aquatic therapy, Smoking cessation program, Ergonomic training, Alternative medicine, Biofeedback.

In our pain clinic we have goal directed individualized pain plan.

Smoking makes it difficult to treat pain 


Conclusions with Smoking and Low Back Pain research

The study concluded that development of lower back pain was significantly associated with smoking history and hypertension, and development of lumbar spondylosis was significantly associated with smoking history, and hypertension and high cholesterol.

Researchers discovered that smoking history, hypertension and coronary artery disease – all of which are risk factors for atherosclerosis, or occlusion of the arteries – were significantly associated with the development of low back pain.


Back Pain back spasms caused by smoking

Back Pain, joint pain, bunion pain


 Habit forming pain pills and pain meds 


Myth 1: If I need higher doses or have withdrawal symptoms when I quit, I’m addicted.

Anyone can become tolerant and dependent to a pain medication, and that does not mean that they are addicted.

Experts defines pain addiction as a “chronic disease … that’s typically defined by causing the compulsive use of a drug that produces harm or dysfunction, and the continued use despite that dysfunction.” 

 Myth 2: Everyone gets addicted to pain meds if they take them long enough.

Majority of people on pain medications, use them correctly without developing addiction.

 At our pain clinic we monitor the signs of addiction or abuse that would become evident over time and therefore would be acted on.  Some subtle findings, raising your dose without consulting your doctor, or going to several doctors to get prescriptions without telling them about the prescriptions you already have.

 Myth 3 : It’s better to bear the pain than to risk addiction.

Undertreating pain can cause needless suffering. If you have pain, talk to your primary doctor about it, and if you’re afraid about addiction, talk with them about that, too. When someone’s in pain, there’s no risk-free option, including doing nothing,

We don’t want to make people afraid of taking a pain medication that they need.  At the same note , we want people to take these drugs seriously and not use as they please.

 Myth 4: All that matters is if my pain gets better.

 Pain relief is key, but it’s not the only goal.

Functional improvement in all area of life that include social, family and work performance.

Myth 5: I’m a strong person. I won’t get addicted to anything.

Addiction is not about willpower, and it’s not even a moral failure. It’s a chronic disease, and some people are genetically more vulnerable than others.

Don’t share prescription pain pills and don’t leave them somewhere that people could help themselves. These are not to be shared  to your friends or relatives or leave around so that people can take a few from you without your even noticing it. These meds need to be in a secure location and are your responsibility 

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