Tingling Fingers

Tingling fingers usually arises from a lack of blood supply to an area or damage to a nerve or nerves that supply the hand and fingers, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or a cervical disk problem. Tingling fingers can also result from infection, inflammation, trauma, and other abnormal processes. Tingling fingers is rarely due to a life-threatening disorder, but it can arise from a stroke or tumor. You may feel temporary tingling in the fingers after holding your arm in the same position for a long period of time. This type of tingling normally fades away once you move your arm. Chronically tingling fingers can be due to diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or peripheral neuropathy. Chronic finger tingling generally indicates some level of damage to the nerves. Call us 704-503-9338 https://www.healthgrades.com/right-care/symptoms-and-conditions/tingling-fingers

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