1What insurances do you accept?

Most insurances carriers including

BCBS-Blue Cross Blue Shield , Aetna, Cigna, United healthcare, Humana, Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Comp, Medcost, Multiplan, Choice health, Personal Injury, Worker Comp.

2Do I need a referral to visit your practice ?

We prefer primary care referral. On occasions with no primary provider we may consider walk in visits.

3How long does it take for new patient evaluation, follow-up visit and procedure ?

We work hard to make your visit pleasant and time efficient, expect total 2 hrs for an appointment with us. Please arrive 15 mins before your schedule time for new patient evaluation paper work. Please arrive 15 mins before follow up or procedure for check in. Follow ups and procedures take about 30 min in total time.

4Do I need to bring someone to drive after a procedure?

We prefer you bring someone to drive you back after any procedure.

5How long will I need to wait before I get an appointment?

We process all request in a timely fashion on a case by case basis.

6What paperwork do I bring when I visit your pain practice?

Please bring any old pain records and patient care documents for your first visit with us.

7Will I be seen by a PA or Nurse on my visit or will I see a Doctor?

You will see an MD on your first visit.

8Do I need to bring cash or can I pay with a credit card?

You may bring cash or credit card, or online portal payment .

9Should I bring my regular pain medications during my visit?

Please bring all your pain medications during your visit with us.

10I don’t have insurance, can I get an appointment?

We provide services for uninsured on case by case bases

11I can’t speak English, I am disabled, I don’t have transport?

We accommodate and work with you, and make all possible efforts and accommodations to help you

12I cant afford to pay my bills, what do I do now?

We work with you on a payment plan.

13I have a pain pump or Spinal cord stimulator or lot of hardware in my back, can I get help with pain control?

Yes we help reduce pain with above conditions.

14I don’t like needles and pain medications?

We will work to find options that are least invasive and addicting. We want to make your experience least painful

15Are all pain medications addicting, even when I use properly for pain?

Some pain medications are habit forming. With practical treatment goals when pain medications are used as prescribed, they have shown to improve quality of life and function.

16I am already on pain medications from my primary doctor, why do I need to see a Pain doctor?

As pain specialists, we optimize your treatment plan and work closely with your primary doctor to best control of your pain with least side effects.

17I am on blood thinner or I am pregnant or I have lot of other medical conditions, how will pain management help me?

We want to provide treatment options with least side effect profile and least adverse effects. We provide special instructions for your conditions.

18I am in litigation and I have work related injury, will pain management help me?

We will work with you to provide pain relief from our various treatment plans.

19I am scared about some thing I saw on TV recently, do you use steroid in your treatment?

We use low dose steroid as medication and maintain sterile conditions to perform procedures, we use medications with least side effect profile.

20What less invasive non surgical treatments you provide?

We provide Injections, braces, topical medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, psychological treatment and life style modifications.

21Do I get pain medications on my first visit like, narcotics?

We asses and diagnose pain generators with you. After initial evaluation we will come up with safe treatment plan. There is no guarantee of opioids as first treatment option. If we cannot help and offer the medications you need, we will transfer your care to appropriate services.

22Do we have to go through a process or agreement to be in your pain management clinic.

Before and during your visit we evaluate your healthcare profile which includes various sources to see if you qualify to be in our pain program.  Once you qualify to be in our pain management program you will need to be on Doctor- Patient relationship agreement which  includes Opioid agreement 

23What is Opioid agreement?

You can download the agreement document here for your review. APS Opioid agreement

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