Wrist Brace for Arthritis

A wrist brace can also be an asset if you have wrist arthritis. Here’s why it’s so helpful. 

A brace essentially immobilizes your wrist to prevent the bones from rubbing together too much and causing pain. The brace also shifts weight away from inflamed areas of your wrist joint to help reduce pain and discomfort. 

Certain types of braces are compressive, so they hug the joint and reduce the swelling that can contribute to pain and stiffness.  A brace offers extra support to your wrist joint so you feel protected and more confident when completing daily tasks. 

What are the types of braces used for wrist arthritis?

We recommend different types of assistive devices for your wrist arthritis, depending on the nature of your condition and symptoms.

You may benefit from a splint that immobilizes your wrist and thus reduces arthritis pain.

Some of our patients use a compression brace that squeezes the joint like a tight glove to reduce swelling. Arthritis gloves are another compressive device that also create body heat to relieve inflammation.

If you use your wrist frequently, such as with typing or gardening, a wrist wrap that has an opening for the thumb is a good choice. We may include a metal support for your hand in this type of brace. 

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